Inbound Electronic Payments (OnePay addon)

Inbound payments are managed from the "Electronic incoming payments" menu under "Banking" -> "Incoming Payments".

When you open this screen, incoming payment transactions will be fetched from your bank and matched to your open A/R documents in SAP Business One. Every bank transaction might include more than one document reference. The screen show every subtransaction received from the bank - this means there may be more lines in the SAP Business One screen than in you bank account statement.  

The screen consist of two tables:

  1. Bank transactions
  2. Open documents

To match a transaction to a SAP Business One document (invoice, credit note etc.), the business partner needs to be specified in the upper table. Often the businesspartner is prefilled because the OnePay solution was able to match the transaction by payment reference or other means, but sometimes you will have to specify the businesspartner.

When you select a transaction in the upper table, the lower table updates with open documents for the selected businesspartner in the transaction. From the documents, select the document that corresponds with the payment / bank transaction. The upper table will update with "reconciled amount" set to the document sum and the "on account amount" to the remaining sum. You can select more than one document for each bank (sub-)transaction.

When you're done matching payment transactions to documents you can click the "Book" button to create the inbound payment documents in SAP Business One. Only the selected ("Select" column) transactions will be booked.

PS: The "bank ref" column specifies the bank reference of the bank transaction. All sub-transactions of the same bank reference must be matched to documents before you can book the transaction.



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