Configuration of the OnePay addon

To configure the OnePay addon go to Administration -> Add-Ons -> OnePay -> Bank module settings. The configuration window is simple with an option of choosing automatic or manual communication with the bank.

Automatic communication

When you select this option payment files will be sent and received via the OnePay Gateway which takes care of communication with your bank. This means you don't need to upload or download files to/from the bank. 

To request automatic communication click the "Request" button. Some bank and system information needed by the gateway will then be sent to OnePay Gateway. You will also be asked for a technical user email address. This technical user will be informed when the bank communication is setup in the gateway.


Manual communication

If you select manual communication you will need to upload and download files to/from the bank manually. You therefore need two folders on your harddrive or network drive. One for inbound files where files downloaded from the bank will be put and one for outbound files where files ready to upload to the bank will be put.

The inbound files folder is a wildcard path to select which files will be read be the OnePay addon.
The outbound files folder is a folder path.

You can also override the outbound filename if needed.

To upload or download files to/from your bank see your bank manual or contact your bank.

File formats

The files exchanged are usually in the ISO20022 file format. OnePay addon can read and/or write:

  • PAIN 001
  • PAIN 002
  • CAMT 054 Credit and Debit
  • CAMT 053
  • CAMT 055

In addition to the ISO formats the addon uses some local / country specific formats where needed.




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